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Aroma Pod

<p> KAT LAI developed the Aroma Pod, a brand-new portable aroma diffuser, and encapsulated the “Five Elements essential oil”, and used it with the Aroma Pod. Aroma Pod can satisfy the desire for natural aroma at different moments, fully release emotions, relax and decompress. The smell of natural aromatherapy can enter the central nervous system of the brain through breathing so as to feel relaxed and comfortable. The medical tests conducted by KAT LAI and clinical psychologist Dr. Adrian Low demonstrated promising results for the effectiveness of the "Five Elements Essential Oils" - Earth series aromatherapy oil. Using electronic equipment to measure blood flow, heartbeat, and psychological state, the researchers found that inhaling the Earth essential oil helped achieve a balanced state of relaxation, enhance the immune system, and profoundly shift physiology. The use of Earth essential oil as a stress reduction protocol showed potential as an important intervention for stressed clients, especially when combined with heart rate variability biofeedback (HRVB) to evaluate intervention effectiveness. The research report was also published on<a href="" target="_blank"> Heart Mind Journey</a> and entered the Harvard University Library. <br></p>

Anti-Covid Aromatherapy Patch

<p>The anti-coronavirus aromatherapy mask patch is jointly developed by the team of the Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and KAT LAI Wellness. It combines natural aromatherapy and <a href="">patented Chinese herbal medicine formulas</a> to inhibit the new coronavirus and kill Staphylococcus aureus effectively. Chinese herbal medicine elements not only effectively inhibit the new coronavirus, but also have good safety and antibacterial effects. The patented Traditional Chinese Medicine formula in the product can inhibit the Spike protein on the shell of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Natural aromatherapy essential oils, accompanied by Traditional Chinese Medicine extracts, enter the respiratory tract and spread all over the surface of the bronchial branches. When the upper respiratory tract is invaded by the new coronavirus, the active ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine will neutralize the spike protein of the virus and prevent the virus from binding to the human receptor, thereby exerting an effective antiviral effect. The anti-coronavirus effect of Chinese herbal extracts is the key factor for the success of this product. Aromatherapy patches not only bring health to the public, but also help calm emotions, making scientific research products more meaningful. This project combines modern high technology to improve the efficiency of the Chinese medicine industry and make the Chinese medicine industry international. <br></p>

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