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About Our Brands

Happiness is a choice, happiness is an attitude. Everyone deserves to be happy. Together we love and care for each others and make the world a better one

Founding Stories of Our Brands

Our stories begin in 1996. To pesents a new, tailor-made, scientific proven solution for everyone's health & wellness, we have estabished KATLAI Technology Ltd., KATLAI Wellness, DK Aromatherapy, DK Cuppa Tea.


KATLAI is an entrepreneur, an aromatherapist, and a hypnotherapist. She is the founder, the chairperson and the CEO of DK Aromatherapy, KAT LAI Wellness Limited and KAT LAI Technology Limited. KATLAI integrates aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, biotechnology, big data and artificial intelligence to lead her own enterprise, and even lead the aromatherapy industry to embark on a road of innovation in the near future.

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About DK Aromatherapy

DK Aromatherapy was an aromatherapy brand founded by Hong Kong entrepreneur Lai Kam Yin, Kat. DK Aromatherapy is a diversified natural health and wellness centre with holistic aromatherapy therapists providing professional advice and tailor-made treatments. DK Aromatherapy sells unique products and services, including more than 100 types of aromatherapy oils, treatments, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy courses and more. DK Aromatherapy hopes to promote the concept of marketing, education and health, and reach out to the mass market.

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About DK Cuppa Tea

DK Cuppa Tea is solely owned by DK Aromatherapy, a Hong Kong’s Aromatherapy Brand. DK Cuppa offers tea-themed afternoon tea, organic tea, coffee, food and desserts and hosts a variety of workshops and corporate events, as well as bespoke parties. DK Cuppa Tea aims at providing guests with a healing journey through a pleasant dining experience.

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About KATLAI Wellness

Kai Lai Wellness was established in 2020 to invent revolutionary products and solutions to fulfill people’s needs. Its’ vision and mission is to create a harmonious world and help people to find their inner balance through aromatherapy. Kai Lai Wellness offer unique products to various countries, helping people to develop whole-person wellness to the state of complete mental and social well-being. Kat Lai Wellness Academy provides a variety of online and offline courses to let everyone learn more about aromatherapy and improve their wellness.

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About KATLAI Technology

KAT LAI Technology Limited was established in Aug 2022 to present a new solution that is tailor-made and scientifically proven to protect public health. Its vision & mission is to provide a solution for better health and happiness to everyone in this world through combining aromatherapy and modern technologies including Biotech involving Chinese medicine and FinTech under ESG consideration. KAT LAI Technology Limited will offer a hotel aroma diffuser service which would bring unforgettable experiences to tourists and benefit low-income women as women empowerment via collaboration with hotels.

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Founder Stories

Under the same name as the founder Kat Lai, Kat Lai Wellness was founded in 2020. Kat had 27 years of experience as a business entrepreneur, an aromatherapist, and a hypnotherapist. Since establishing the brand, our company has determined to provide a curative effect of natural plants to Hong Kong people through new scientific aromatherapy technologies and respective services.

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