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About KATLAI Technology

Pioneer of Hotel Rooms Aroma Personalization

Our mission is to reshape the hospitality industry by empowering hotel operators and owners to deliver memorable, tailored guest experiences using our cutting-edge capsulized automated aromatherapy system. Our pioneering technology skillfully blends bio-technology, nanotechnology, AI, and Big Data, elevating each guest's stay while requiring minimal manpower to operate in the hotel.

Aroma Pod Pro Global Hotel Project

Our vision focuses on cultivating happiness, promoting a healthy life through a sharing economy, and generating financial success for all stakeholders. We're committed to making a positive impact, especially in the area of women's empowerment, as we believe that helping more people leads to emotional and financial benefits for everyone involved. Together, hotels, our company, sales teams, stakeholders, and the entire community can thrive, creating a brighter future marked by captivating aromas, unparalleled guest experiences, empowered communities, and significant financial gains attained through higher room occupancy rates, increased room rates, and enhanced customer retention rates.

Tailor-made Aroma

Imagine the transformative power of our service in the hotel – captivating guests with personalized aroma blends, fostering loyalty, and significantly increasing your financial gains. By implementing our system, the hotel will not only enhance the guest experience but also tap into the thriving wellness market.

Functional aroma

Top university researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of our aroma blends in tackling insomnia, depression, and lack of focus. Additionally, our own patented formula is proven to combat COVID-19, inhibits the growth of viruses, and enhance air quality. We are committed to using only the highest quality, ethically-sourced natural ingredients and constantly innovate to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Fintech data enables us to identify and meet our customers' ever-changing needs.

Our Team

Kat Lai Founder
Ryan Chu Vice CEO
Nancy Thapa Chief Aromatherapy Officer
Daniela Jeronimo Sustainability Adviser (ESG)
Kelvin Sze CFO


Under the same name as the founder Kat Lai, Kat Lai Wellness was founded in 2020. Kat had 27 years of experience as a business entrepreneur, an aromatherapist, and a hypnotherapist. Since establishing the brand, our company has determined to provide a curative effect of natural plants to Hong Kong people through new scientific aromatherapy technologies and respective services.


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