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Feeling blessed that we can “GIVE” just a small aromatherapy patch with a big SMILE!

We aim to achieve one million smiley selfies after wearing our new invention from University in HK, which effectively inhibits Coronavirus(SARS-CoV-2). The result is proved by university scientific research and applied to Aromatherapy Mask and Patches with “Happy Emoji” on them, intending to spread love and care to the community and protect their loved ones.

Aromatherapy Patch

Our patented product has been scientifically researched by a local university, and it has been proved that when wearing an aroma sanitizing mask or patch, the Chinese medicine particles in it can penetrate the upper respiratory tract through breathing to form a protective mucous membrane. The technology locks the aromatherapy essential oil in the mask and patch, which not only continuously emits a fresh and pleasant aroma, making breathing comfortable, but also provides deep respiratory tract protection for the first time in Hong Kong. Even if the coronavirus and related pathogens attach to the nasal and oral cavity, the virus cannot penetrate the protective mucosa and proliferate in the body.

Aromatherapy Patch

With the support of opinion leaders and various charities, we encourage beneficiaries and other clients to become "Smile Ambassadors" and upload their selfies via social media. We hope every user will participate in this meaningful and simple social movement with the concept of creating shared value (CSV), expressing concern for physical and emotional health during this special time, and promoting a positive attitude to care for society. Feeling blessed that we can “GIVE” just a small aromatherapy patch with a big SMILE!



Under the same name of Kat Lai, Kat Lai Wellness was founded in 2008, Kat head had 24 Years of experience as business enterpreneur, an expert an aromatherapy, and hypotherapy instructor. Since the establishment of the brand our company has determined to provide a curative effect and natural plants to hong kong people through new scientific aromatherapy technologies and respective services.


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