About Mask Diffuser

How to use: Simply put 1-2 drops of essential oil onto the Kat Lai Aromatherapy Mask Diffuser, clip on your mask and enjoy the freshness and happiness all day long!

The cotton refill of the aroma mask diffuser can be changed every 1-3 days according to personal preference.

It is recommended to use the aroma mask diffuser with different anti-coronavirus blend, including: sweety life, mindfuness and breath away blend

The aroma mask diffuser can be used anywhere, no matter outdoor activities, hiking, indoor activities, interest classes, work or school. The light aorma helps to eliminate the bad smell of the mask and adjust mood at the same time.

Precautions :To reduce chocking risks please keep away from children

You can use $18 to purchase cotton refill (18 pieces) when you buy the aroma mask diffuser

Disinfect and clean the aroma mask diffuser everytime before use

If you are sensitive to metal and feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately and consult your doctor before deciding whether to continue using it

DK Aromatherapy's essential oil ingredients are 100% pure and natural, and the essential oil comes from Australia

There is one style of aroma mask diffuser, which can be used with different anti-coronavirus formulas, including: sweety life, mindfuness and breath away blend

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