About Aroma Pod

Aroma Pod, together with 5 Element Aroma Capsules, can surround users by aroma all day long. During inhalation, natural aroma enters the central nervous system and relieves stress.

Charge the Aroma Pod, insert the aroma capsule and gently push up the Aroma Pod for the scent. Suggested to turn on Aroma Pod for 5-10 minutes per day, with each capsule lasting for 45-60 minutes which is equivalent to usage for 3-7 days. (Depends on the usage frequency)

Anytime, Anywhere, Can be used while traveling, applicable to any location.

DK Aromatherapy presents you with the “Five Elements” essential oils, either with five identical aroma capsules or 5 different aroma capsules in a set. The five aromas are “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth” respectively, which are blended in accordance with the “Five Elements” concept of Chinese medicine. The 5 effective routines help prevent and treat stress, sadness, insomnia, depression and emotional problems. Users can simply pick their capsule of the day and enjoy the aroma.

Five elements as metal, wood, water, fire, earth, plus SHIELD formula

It can be bought in main DK Aromatherapy store in Sheung Wan, and DK counters in LOG-ON of Festival Walk and Time Square

Before use: Keep this product out of the reach of children. Do not allow water to touch the host and USB cable. Do not throw or subject the aroma diffuser to shock. Pregnant women, patients with epilepsy, people with sensitive skin or high blood pressure, please first Seek expert advice and use this product with caution. Do not put other objects into the air inlet, outlet and USB ports. When in use: Please use the replacement capsule produced by the original manufacturer. When the battery leaks, do not touch the leaking liquid. The aroma diffuser needs to be at least 5cm away from the nose when inhaling. Do not place the aroma diffuser near the face when replacing the capsule. Do not point the air outlet directly to the eyes. Do not use this aromatherapy machine in a high temperature environment. If you feel unwell or have an allergic reaction, please stop using this product. Please stop using this product if there are abnormalities such as peculiar smell, noise or overheating of the machine/USB cable. After use: Please clean this aroma diffuser regularly. Please use mild/neutral detergent for cleaning. This rechargeable lithium battery cannot be replaced, do not try.

Stop using if you feel uncomfortable or there are allergy symptoms.

Clean with mild / neutral detergent. Clean the diffuser regularly.

Can be charged/ The lithium rechargeable battery is not replaceable. Do not attempt to replace it.

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