Founder and Visionary: Kat Lai from DK Aromatherapy and Kat Lai Technology Limited

Kat Lai is an accomplished entrepreneur and a research-driven innovator with over 27 years of experience in the aromatherapy and wellness industry. Her passion lies in creating practical solutions by integrating biotechnology, nanotechnology, and fintech, making a lasting, positive impact on society. As a pioneering leader, she is dedicated to building a sustainable, profit-generating business model centered around the "Sharing Economy" concept, adhering to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. A strong advocate for women's empowerment, Kat focuses on uplifting underprivileged women, fostering confidence, and enabling them to become active contributors to society. She extends her support to the younger generation as a judge and mentor for Hong Kong City University's HK Tech 300 program, providing internships and mentorship to over 50 mentees worldwide. Embodying her vision, Kat's motto, "Happiness is a choice, Happiness is an Attitude," underscores her dedication to promoting positivity and inspiring others to take control of their happiness and well-being.

Career and Innovations

Kat Lai's innovative Aromapod and Aromapod Breathing App enhance well-being through her unique 5 elements essential oil blend formulation, which is backed by a medical study conducted with clinical psychologist Doctor Adrian Low. This revolutionary wellness solution has been published in the Heart and Mind Journal, presented at the Global Cardiology Conference, and even filed in the Harvard University Library. In 1996, she founded DK Aromatherapy, a company that earned the "Caring Company" award in 2019. Collaborating with prestigious brands like FENDI, The Peninsula Hotel, hong kong and shanghai banking corporation, and Prudential, her dedication has earned her numerous accolades, including the "2022 Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Award" and "The Power of Role Models Top 100 Outstanding Chinese Award." In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic swept the world, threatening the health of more than one billion people in the world. Kat Lai once said that in addition to being an entrepreneur, she has another identity: “I am an inventor.” Kat Lai and Professor Karl Tsim of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology jointly created an anti-coronavirus essential oil containing a patented Chinese medicine formula and aroma patches for masks. This new invention was featured on the cover of Capital Magazine in February 2021. Ms Lai’s hard work, innovation, and determination to give back to society were once again encouraged and affirmed. In 2023, Kat Lai embarked on an exhilarating new global venture, "Aromapod Pro," a trailblazing innovation within the hotel industry. This state-of-the-art automation aromatherapy and capsulized system enhance guest experiences and staff well-being through personalized scents, elevating satisfaction to unprecedented heights. Supported by cutting-edge research and technology, the Aromapod Pro revolutionizes the hospitality landscape, empowering communities and augmenting financial returns for stakeholders. Join Kat Lai as she reshapes the future of hotels, one captivating aroma blend at a time!

Philanthropy and Recognition

Since 2018, Kat Lai has dedicated herself to organizing charity events supporting cancer patients, special needs children, and the elderly. Her book, "Magic of Happiness," showcases her commitment to giving back and initiating charitable activities. The funds raised have been donated to organizations like Maggie's Cancer Care Center and Lifewire, supporting cancer patients and children with rare diseases. Kat Lai's passion, vision, and unwavering commitment to her work have enabled her to create lasting change in her field. With almost 3 decades of experience, she remains dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Let’s create a better world together!