DK Aromatherapy was a aromatherapy brand founded by Hong Kong entrepreneur Kat Lai

DK Aromatherapy is a diversified natural health and wellness centre with holistic aromatherapy therapists providing professional advice and tailor-made treatments. DK Aromatherapy sells unique products and services, including more than 100 types of aromatherapy oils, treatments, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy courses and more. DK Aromatherapy hopes to promote the concept of marketing, education and health, and reach out to the mass market.

Aroma Therapy Products

In addition to over a hundred different aromatherapy oils, DK Aromatherapy also sells base oils, floral waters, natural unscented care products, scented candles, aromatherapy sticks, aromatherapy stick holders, handmade aromatherapy burners, ear candles and books on aromatherapy .


DK Aromatherapy provides one-stop services for those who pursue a healthy life, including holistic aromatherapy body massage, holistic aromatherapy facial, skull therapy, Indian head massage, aromatherapy ear candling, physical and mental health muscle response testing, Emotional release therapy, open mind aromatherapy, etc.


DK Aromatherapy offers a variety of workshops, including natural perfume, cuticle oils, massage oils and skin care products. Participants can learn basic aromatherapy knowledge through workshops, and can also take away the finished products made of natural aromatherapy essential oils .