Pioneer of Hotel Rooms Aroma Personalization

We will be the first in the aromatherapy industry to introduce digitalized, self-service aromatherapy in hotel guest rooms that integrates nanotechnology (the tool), biotechnology (capsulated aromatherapy), social (ESG addresses), and financial technology (Big Data).

Aroma Pod Pro Global Hotel Project

In late 2022, a sharing economy project in aromatherapy specially provided for the global hotel industry will be exhibited. Combining aromatherapy and IoT systems, it will bring unforgettable experiences to tourists on the one hand and long-term sustainable benefits to hotels on the other hand. In addition, to practice Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) investments, this project will provide vocational training to low-income women for women empowerment.

Tailor-made Aroma

We will tailor-made an aroma for each participating hotel. Each aroma is unique and can deepen and increase the guest's impression of the hotel.

Functional Aroma

A promising, novel aspect of the diffuser systems is the use of therapeutic, plant-based essential oils. Various studies verify that aromatherapy of such essential oils was recorded to possess a tempering effect on blood pressure, heart rate, various stress and anxiety markers, and overall mood (as qualitatively assessed). In addition, the dispensed aroma is capable of functioning as a deterrent to COVID-19, containing compounds targeting the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

ESG Bundled Project

We create a soap with the hotel essence produced by underprivileged women, which will be empowered by this partnership. This project will also cover the ESG project in which the beneficiary is the people making the soap for the hotel essence, which are also part of ESG projects.

Data Support

Research from Rockefeller University suggested that smell has the strongest impacton human brain short term memory. Favorable aroma could leaves us a good impression and satisfaction. Aroma in different business fields has increase customer satisfaction by 7%, brand recall by 37% and brand impact by 500%.

Source: reedpacificmedia.com/whats-that-smell-scented-ads-in-the-cinema