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100% Chamomile Roman 100%羅馬洋甘菊 100%罗马洋甘菊


抑鬱, 失眠, 頭痛, 出疹, 蟲咬紅腫, 濕疹, 乾癢皮膚, 敏感皮膚

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植物學名稱: Chamaemelum anthemis nobile

植物原產地: 意大利

提煉方法: 蒸餾法

提煉植物部份: 開花頂端

揮發性: 中

  1. 蒸薰法:將5至10滴精華油混入載滿暖水的香薰爐中。

  2. 按摩法:將4至5滴精華油混合10毫升的底油,用於身體按摩,對鬆弛神經或紓緩疲勞非常有效;亦可作護膚油使用。

  3. 沐浴法:加入8至10滴精華油於浴缸中,即可享受香薰水療,不但可改善肌膚,對於舒緩肌肉痛及改善睡眠質素非常有效。

  4. 直接吸入法:只需將3至5滴精華油滴在紙巾或枕頭上即可;亦可將精華油滴於一盆熟水中,用大毛巾蓋著頭,近距離吸入蒸氣,約10分鐘後即有效消除疲勞;治療頭痛及呼吸道感染特別有效。

  5. 泥粉面膜(潔淨和美白):將1-2滴精華油混入已調好花水的泥粉中。

  6. 個人護理產品 :例如洗髮水、沐浴液、面霜等將4-5滴精華油混合10毫升個人護理產品中。

  7. 香水:將4-10滴精華油及4-10滴溶解劑混入10毫升水中,可製成自己獨特的香水。

禁忌: 孕妇忌用,对䐁草属植物敏感者可能会有过敏反应





*眼部護理=0.5% 面部=1% - 2% 成人全身=2% - 2.5%



Chamomile Roman In the research work carried out by Srivastava et al, (2010), they identified that for centuries Roman chamomile has been regarded as a valuable plant owing to its natural potential and capable of providing the body with calmness, moderate, and improved emotions. The effects are linked to the core constituents, which are esters of angelic acid, tiglic acid, and 2-methyl-butanoic acid. In the work of Setzer, (2009), it was shown that Roman chamomile is useful in the relaxation of a hyperactive mind and possesses antianxiety and stress reduction properties to help known depressed persons. Also, it helps those with insomnia to sleep at night easily, when it is used during bathing before sleeping, and brings calmness to the mind and generally to the body. It plays a significant role in providing comfort by reducing pain related to joints, insect stings, sprains, and arthritis. Lawless (1995), in the research, identified that pain resulting from physical activities, menstrual cramps, and tension can be treated by applying the oil of Roman chamomile to the abdomen in the lower region. Other conditions that have been soon to be treated effectively with Roman chamomile oil include cold sores, boils, psoriasis, sunburn, and eczema. References J.K. Srivastava, E. Shankar, S. Gupta, Chamomile: a herbal medicine of the past with bright future. Mol Med Rep, 3 (6) (2010), pp. 895-901 W.N. Setzer, Essential oils and anxiolytic aromatherapy. Nat Prod Commun, 4 (9) (2009), pp. 1305-1316 J. Lawless, The illustrated encyclopedia of essential oils: the complete guide to the use of oils in aromatherapy & herbalism. Element Books Ltd, Rockport (1995)


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