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植物学名称: Boswellia carteri

植物原产地: 索马利亚

提炼方法: 蒸馏法

提炼植物部份: 树脂

挥发性: 低

  1. 蒸薰法:将5至10滴精华油混入载满暖水的香薰炉中。

  2. 按摩法:将4至5滴精华油混合10毫升的底油,用于身体按摩,对松弛神经或纾缓疲劳非常有效;亦可作护肤油使用。

  3. 沐浴法:加入8至10滴精华油于浴缸中,即可享受香薰水疗,不但可改善肌肤,对于舒缓肌肉痛及改善睡眠质素非常有效。

  4. 直接吸入法:只需将3至5滴精华油滴在纸巾或枕头上即可;亦可将精华油滴于一盆熟水中,用大毛巾盖着头,近距离吸入蒸气,约10分钟后即有效消除疲劳;治疗头痛及呼吸道感染特别有效。

  5. 泥粉面膜(洁净和美白):将1-2滴精华油混入已调好花水的泥粉中。

  6. 个人护理产品 :例如洗发水、沐浴液、面霜等将4-5滴精华油混合10毫升个人护理产品中。

  7. 香水:将4-10滴精华油及4-10滴溶解剂混入10毫升水中,可制成自己独特的香水。

禁忌: 孕婦忌用





*眼部护理=0.5% 面部=1% - 2% 成人全身=2% - 2.5%



Organic Frankincense The essential oils of organic frankincense originated from Africa, India, and the Middle East. For years, the oils have been used in the production of incense and perfumes, but recent studies have demonstrated its health benefits. These are; Anti-tumor activity A study was carried out to evaluate the anti-tumor activity and signaling pathways of frankincense oil in bladder cancer cells. The microarray and bioinformatics analysis was used to identify the temporal regulation of frankincense oil-activated gene expression in bladder cancer cells. The results showed that frankincense oil activates genes that are responsible for cell cycle arrest, cell growth suppression, and apoptosis in J82 cells. Frankincense can be used to distinguish cancerous from normal bladder cells and suppress cancer cell viability. Effective in allergic asthma In a study carried out to investigate the effectiveness of frankincense essential oil (BSEO) on the immune cell change in the lung, using a mouse model of asthma. Asthma induced mice group was exposed to BSEO for 30 minutes per trial, thrice a week, and was continued for 8 weeks using the nebulizer. The mice treated with frankincense showed that the essential was effective in suppressing the hypersensitive reaction of the airway to the broncho-constrictor in allergic asthma. Therefore, BSEO would be effective to treat allergic asthma by immune control suppressing the activity of immune cells in each tissue. Anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative effect on tumors In a study aimed to verify the reported therapeutic properties of frankincense resin and describe its chemical composition based on available scientific studies. The components of frankincense were analyzed which shows that frankincense has an anti-inflammatory effect, the antiproliferative and anti-tumor effect on tumors. Analgesic effect A study was carried out to evaluate the analgesic effect of frankincense essential oil by using validated human pain models which have shown its analgesic activity in both in-vitro and preclinical studies. Twenty healthy subjects were randomly shared into two groups and were treated accordingly. After test drug administration, the Pain Threshold force and time and Pain Tolerance force and time were evaluated at baseline and 1 hr., 2 hrs. and 3 hrs. The study showed that frankincense essential oil significantly increased the Pain Threshold and Pain Tolerance force and time compared to placebo. Headache treatment In a study aimed to evaluate the long-term efficacy of frankincense essential oil on headaches and disturbed sleep in patients with chronic cluster headache (CCH). The study included four (4) patients in an open-label treated with frankincense essential oil. The results showed that frankincense essential oil was effective in reducing the intensity and frequency of headaches in patients with CCH References Al-Yasiry, Ali & Kiczorowska, Bożena. (2016). Frankincense - therapeutic properties. Postępy Higieny i Medycyny Doświadczalnej (Advances in Hygiene and Experimental Medicine). 70. 10.5604/17322693.1200553. Prabhavathi K, Chandra US, Soanker R, Rani PU. A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, cross over study to evaluate the analgesic activity of Boswellia serrata in healthy volunteers using mechanical pain model. Indian J Pharmacol. 2014;46(5):475-479. doi:10.4103/0253-7613.140570 Lampl C, Haider B, Schweiger C. Long-term efficacy of Boswellia serrata in 4 patients with chronic cluster headache. J Headache Pain. 2013;14(Suppl 1):P37. doi:10.1186/1129-2377-14-S1-P37 Frank MB, Yang Q, Osban J, et al. Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2009;9:6. Published 2009 Mar 18. doi:10.1186/1472-6882-9-6 Lee, H.Y., Kim, K.R., Kang, S.M., Konkuk The Effect of Nebulized Frankincense Essential Oil in an OVA-Induced Allergic Asthma Mouse Model [2010]


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