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恶心, 呕吐, 经前综合症, 抗菌、抗菌 , 消化不良, 胃气胀, 肌肉痛, 头痛, 伤风, 喉咙痛, 粉刺, 虫咬, 增进注意力

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植物学名称: Mentha arvensis

植物原产地: 印度

提炼方法: 蒸馏法

提炼植物部份: 开花草本

挥发性: 中

  1. 蒸薰法:将5至10滴精华油混入载满暖水的香薰炉中。

  2. 按摩法:将4至5滴精华油混合10毫升的底油,用于身体按摩,对松弛神经或纾缓疲劳非常有效;亦可作护肤油使用。

  3. 沐浴法:加入8至10滴精华油于浴缸中,即可享受香薰水疗,不但可改善肌肤,对于舒缓肌肉痛及改善睡眠质素非常有效。

  4. 直接吸入法:只需将3至5滴精华油滴在纸巾或枕头上即可;亦可将精华油滴于一盆熟水中,用大毛巾盖着头,近距离吸入蒸气,约10分钟后即有效消除疲劳;治疗头痛及呼吸道感染特别有效。

  5. 泥粉面膜(洁净和美白):将1-2滴精华油混入已调好花水的泥粉中。

  6. 个人护理产品 :例如洗发水、沐浴液、面霜等将4-5滴精华油混合10毫升个人护理产品中。

  7. 香水:将4-10滴精华油及4-10滴溶解剂混入10毫升水中,可制成自己独特的香水。

禁忌: 孕婦忌用,嬰兒及小童避免使用,癲癇症忌用,高血壓底人士忌用, 敏感性皮膚忌用,哮喘患者忌用





*眼部护理=0.5% 面部=1% - 2% 成人全身=2% - 2.5%



Peppermint Peppermint is a blend of two plants; watermint and spearmint, and are in three forms; leaves, capsules, and oils. Peppermint has important health benefits. These are; Effective in indigestion In a study on the effectiveness of peppermint on indigestion in older adults with 60 years and above. A total number of 30 subjects were selected and randomly shared. The effects of peppermint after administration showed a significant improvement in indigestion among older adults after pretests and posttest findings. Effects on Nausea In a study carried out to investigate the efficacy of peppermint oil in the treatment of postoperative nausea. The results of the study showed that the intervention group treated with peppermint oil required lesser antiemetics. Effects on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) The effects of peppermint oil were evaluated in the treatment of IBS carried out in a study that systematically searched for randomized controlled trials. A total number of 835 patients from 12 randomized trials were included in the study. The results showed that peppermint oil is effective in treating pain and associated symptoms with IBS with no significant adverse effects in adults. Pain and anxiety The effects of peppermint on pain and anxiety were evaluated in a study that included patients undergoing intravenous catheterization. The convenient sampling method was used in selecting cardiac patients (80) and randomly divided into two groups; aromatherapy and control groups, and the mean value of 2.95±0.98 and 3.42±1.33 were obtained respectively. There was a significant alleviation of pain and anxiety after the intervention with peppermint.. Muscle pain and blood lactate A study carried out to examine the effectiveness of peppermint extract on muscle pain and blood lactate after 400m run. The study included 16 volunteered physical education students and randomly allocated into three groups; peppermint, placebo, and control groups. After the intervention, the level of lactate was significantly lowered compared to the placebo group, thereby improving the performance of the athletics. Effects on exercise In a study to evaluate the effectiveness of peppermint among athletes on exercise. A total number of 20 males were treated with peppermint oil for ten days. The results showed that peppermint was effective on exercise performance; bronchial smooth muscle relaxation increased in the level of ventilation and oxygen concentration in the brain and decreased lactate level in the blood. Alleviate soreness A study was carried out to investigate the effects of classic massage with peppermint oil on muscle pain and muscle strength during recovery from exercise. A total of 22 males were included with age ranging from 18-22 years and were randomly divided into two groups; intervention and control groups, and made to participate in 10 sets of repetitions eccentric of wrist flexors with elastic bands. After the application of peppermint oil to the arm with massage, the results showed that muscle soreness is alleviated by peppermint oil. References Rao, Pasupuleti. (2013). THE EFFECT OF PEPPERMINT JUICE FOR INDIGESTION AMONG OLD AGE PEOPLE- A PRELIMINARY STUDY. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development. 2. 238 – 243. Meamarbashi, A., Rajabi, A. The effects of peppermint on exercise performance. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 10, 15 (2013). Tiryaki Sonmez, Gul & Çolak, Mergül & Sönmez, Sedat & Schoenfeld, Brad. (2010). Effects of oral supplementation of mint extract on muscle pain and blood lactate. Biomedical Human Kinetics. 2. 66-69. 10.2478/v10101-0016-8. Özmen, T , Doğan, H , Güneş, G . "EFFECT OF CLASSIC MASSAGE WITH PEPPERMINT OIL ON MUSCLE SORENESS AND MUSCLE STRENGTH DURING RECOVERY FROM EXERCISE" . Spor ve Performans Araştırmaları Dergisi 11 (2020 ): 103-111


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