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Kat Lai Aroma Pod

Kat Lai Aroma Pod 12 months set with Heart Math Kat Lai Aroma Pod 12個月連Heart Math套裝 Kat Lai Aroma Pod 12个月連Heart Math套装

Aroma Pod, together with 5-sense capsules, can surround users by aroma all day long. During inhalation, natural aroma enters the central nervous system and relieves stress.

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    7 Selling Point

    1. Can be used while traveling, applicable to any location.

    2. Meet the needs of aromatherapy of all times

    3. Concise and stylish design, compared with traditional aroma diffuser and aroma oil.

    4. Portable body for easy carrying

    5. Served as a generous present in modern and simplistic design.

    6. Equipped with refills of aroma capsule, which is portable and space-saving.

    7. A jacket made of high-quality cowhide stores aroma pod and capsules separately.

    Product Description

    1 Aroma Pod, 12 set of Five-element Essential Oil Aroma Capsules, 1 Aroma Pod Velvet Holder

    The concise and portable Aroma Pod only weighs 29g. When in use, an aroma capsule can be inserted to the slot followed by gently pushing up the case. You can immediately be surrounded with personal aroma like being in nature, temporarily isolated from disturbance. Aroma Pod is a must for fashion icons.

    DK Aromatherapy presents you with the “Five Elements” essential oils, either with five identical aroma capsules or 5 different aroma capsules in a set. The five aromas are “Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth” respectively, which are blended in accordance with the “Five Elements” concept of Chinese medicine. The 5 effective routines help prevent and treat stress, sadness, insomnia, depression and emotional problems. Users can simply pick their capsule of the day and enjoy the aroma. Share happiness, Care community, Contribute Hong Kong Research in Hong Kong, Caring for Hong Kong

     Before Use

    Keep the diffuser out of reach of children.

    Do not allow water to come in contact with the main device and USB cable.

    Do not throw or subject the diffuser to shocks. 

    Seek expert’s opinion and use with caution if pregnant, have epilepsy, sensitive skin or high blood pressure.

    Do not insert foreign objects into the air inlet, air outlet or USB port. 


    Always use interchangeable pods supplied by the original manufacturer.

    Do not touch the fluid if there is leakage from the battery.

    Keep the diffuser at least 5cm from the nose when inhaling. 

    Do not place the diffuser near the face when replacing the pod.

    Do not point the air outlet to the eyes directly. 

    Do not use the diffuser in a high-temperature environment.

    Stop using if you feel uncomfortable or there are allergy symptoms.

    Stop using if there are any abnormalities such as unusual smell, noise or overheating from the diffuser or USB cable.


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