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Tea Set-Solid Perfume DIY Workshop 15G 下午茶 -香薰香水膏製作工作坊 下午茶 -香薰香水膏制作工作坊

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    - Workshop Features -

    Learn about the relationship between essential oil tones and solid perfumes
    Learn the key to making natural solid perfume

    The solid perfume lasts for a long time, and the small size makes it more convenient to carry and replenish the aroma than the perfume bottle. Impress others with your personal scent.

    -All courses will be changed according to the situation. If we cannot execute your order, DK Aromatherapy will give other solutions-It if the course time needs to be delayed, DK Aromatherapy will issue a notice within 48 hours, and the trainees will be notified another class date

    Class duration depends on the number of students.

    For details, please contact 978899378

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