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Tea Set-Hand Massage Oil DIY Workshop 20ML 下午茶 - 手部按摩油工作坊20毫升 下午茶 - 手部按摩油工作坊20毫升

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    - Workshop Features -

    Make a 20ml hand massge oil

    Touch comes from human instinct. For those we want to comfort, we reach out to hug and touch them. When we are injured, we also instinctively knead the painful area with our hands. Massage is one of the most important ways to apply essential oils. Research points to the following benefits of massage: reduce anxiety levels relieve emotional stress Relieve muscle fatigue and tension Improve partly and distant lymphatic circulation Improve partly blood circulation and make people feel warm Releases endorphins for pain relief and relaxation

    Class duration depends on the number of students. For details, please contact 97889406

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