Aromatherapy is one of the natural health therapy involved in using essential oils extracted from plants to enhance and balance the body, mind and soul. The term “Aromatherapy” originally derived from French “Aromatherapie”. The essential oils can be used thru inhalations as well as applying on physical body for therapeutic benefits which the results will yields on emotional levels as well. Simply put, Aromatherapy emphasizes on holistically to treat everyone inside out.

DIY Certificate Program Aromatherapy DIY

There are many different kinds of cosmetic brands products. However, most of them are added synthetic preservative and materials. In the long run, they will create nonrecoverable harms to our skin.

The following series of workshop will enable you to create your very own skin care products with using natural resources. The secrets behind each skin care constituent will be unveiled. You can produce your own cosmetics in a cost-effective and time-saving manner!

One of the advantages of DIY skin care products is that you may devote 100% of confidence in its quality. Furthermore, they are economical and guaranteed no artificial colorants and fragrance.

Introduction to Aromatherapy
Personalized Fragrance DIY Workshop
Whitening Clay Mask DIY Workshop
Skin Regeneration and Hydration Products DIY Workshop
Eye Care DIY Workshop
Natural Deodorant DIY Workshop
DIY Lip Balm Workshop
Germfree Aroma DIY Workshop
DIY Insect Repellent Product Workshop
Hypnotherapy Certification Training

Aromatherapy Workshop

Indian Head Massage Workshop
Facial Self-Massage Workshop – Whitening, Detox, Shape Up

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