Roses’ Tales Afternoon Tea (Sold Out)

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Roses reflected twinkles wait for eternity;
Tales’ve fallen petals seek for purity

by Eatlababy



Roses attract attentions by its glamourous beauty. Roses sting people with blood if they are getting close. Roses are unique under the blooming of sun and moon. Roses reflect the light of stars, listening to lovers’ whispers.

Tales said if ones can resist the pain of the thorns, tear the petals one by one with love. The love of the brave will then be blessed to reach the eternity, by the purest heart of the rose.

At a corner of the world, with the most extravagant glass reflecting of the stars, frozen the eternal moment of the lights, DK Cuppa Tea presents you the brightest moment of the rose. While enjoying the finest selection of French cuisine, the lights of the rose will lead you to the path of happiness commemorating the most sincere love. From now until June 30, 2017, you and your love one can enjoy this tea set of legendary rose tale at DK Cuppa Tea Sheung Wan. ~ Enchanting Rose Bluetooth Speaker($1488)

The glass reflects the starlight from the rose, starlight ignites the melody, shines on the feast next to it. A sweet and sour aroma came from Caviar Tomato soup with Gratins Asparagus & Parmesan in a blue and white porcelain bowl. The porcelain bowl is so beautiful you cannot help but hands it up. The soups to drink, Gratins’ soft and hard have caused, accompanied by sweet and sour soup warms your body and mind. Dip the Parmesan with the soup, so you enjoy a combination all the wedges of love ─ sweet, sour crispy and gentle.

Close your eyes while putting down the porcelain bowl; enjoy the atmospheric moment of spreading love. A breeze of sea with the joy of life quietly goes into the body. A giant leisurely burnt Scallop with Creamy Gratins cream & Cheese comes into your eyes, topping with caviar and a slight chip of asparagus. It’s a precious white jade, guarding by a band of black hair French snails.

When you pick up the scallop for a closer look, you will find French-baked potato set underneath. The layers of scallop and potato bring you the noblest-sweetest sweet of precious love. Hard snail shell filled with soft meat, that is a strong appearance, hidden a gentle finish.

The atmosphere of the earth came from the other side of the feast, a taste of a memorable taste blowing, it is Black truffle Mushroom Flan, taste a bitter but delicious. Like love sometimes sugar sweet, sometimes bitterly sweet.

The light that is reflected by the glass has been illuminating the feast, and has illuminated the tray under the glass of rose, with the rosary tea next to it that a flower essence that freezes of moment of eternity (Age & Luster).

A series of Rosary Dessert arrived after the tea: Rose Dessert Cup collaborate the romance, sweetness and passion in love; Rose Praline on Raspberry and Strawberry Tiramisu represent the feelings sour and sweet of a summer of love; Meringue and Fondant rose chocolate reminds you sweetest bitter of love.

This Roses’ Tales tea-set brings you and your loved one the feelings of love; brings your love with the most whimsical blessing from the Rose. Priced at HKD $298/person (min 2 person per serving), an Eternal Flower decoration* can also be purchased at a special price, so let the eternal flower witness the precious moment you spent with your loved ones.

* Eternal Flower set (original $599 special $399) include: Styles of floral and bear decorations.

Five magic cards that are leading to a unique essential oil will be presented. Their functions are written on the cards so pick one (or all) that suits you the most and start your journey!