Frosty Garden Afternoon Tea Set

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A Whimsical Afternoon Tea that makes your Toes Tingle

Winter is on its way and it is time to start enjoying the cold weather. DK Cuppa Tea is dedicated to bringing an entangled experience of the five senses to their guests with their A Day in a Frosty Garden Set. The set is available at convenient locations at DK Cuppa Tea and DK Aromatherapy in Sheung Wan. Under this special season, all customer who enjoy this afternoon set can have an Aroma Necklace for FREE (Worth$380 each)!

DK Cuppa transports you to a far, far away place, where reindeers are frolicking the snow; the skies are a beautiful turquoise blue, and as you look down, the ground is covered in a bed of glistening white snow. In a distance, there are voices of laughing children and enchanting carillons à musique tune playing in the background, as you take a deep breath, the air is filled with a tranquil aroma of bergamot. Trekking through the snow to where the voices and scent are coming from, you find a Winter Carnival taking place.

Warm your heart with a toasty cup of Organic Earl Grey tea. Watch the blue cloud of organic cotton candy rain, adding a touch of sweetness to your tea. Leave your loose-leaf tea in your cup to intensify the tea.

A potpourri of savory delights is waiting for you to dive right in, indulge in eight scrumptious bites of goodness. There are six tartlets, including Pumpkin, Broccoli, Forest Mushroom, Tomatoes, Cheese, and finally, Onion tart. Saving the best for last, there are two exquisite  sausage roll from UK.

Indulge in your winter fantasies with its enchanting desserts that satisfy all with a sweet tooth. These beautifully curated treats are delivered, not only to appease your appetite, but to delight all of your senses. Go ahead, take a bite, we promise, these whimsical looking treats are just as tantalizing to your taste buds as they are to your eyes.

Savour the frostbitten afternoon with an array of Earl Grey treats, such as the Yuzi cheesecake, Earl Grey carousel cookies, Earl Grey cupcakes and macarons. Ride away on a Merry-go-round with your own edible horses embedded inside a cupcake and a Rice Krispie cake. Your senses will be euphoric with almond chocolate.

Stick your tongue out to catch a delicate snowflake, while keeping things sweet till the very end with a Hazelnut Chocolate pop garnished with a snowflake. The heavenly A Day in a Frosty Garden Set comes with a side of
English Muffin (with rose jam).

A Day in a Frosty Garden Set is priced at HKD 298/Person (min 2 person per serving). With a wide range of delicacies to satisfy your stomach, five magic cards will be presented to you at the end of the tea set, each card leading to a unique essential oil. Their functions are written on the cards so pick one (or all) that suits you the most and start your everyday with it!

For more information about the shop or its products, please visit the DK Aromatherapy website, whatsapp us at 97889378 or email sw@aroma.com.hk. To find out more about its latest news and promotions, follow its Facebook page.