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Spring breeze brings a glance with Scents;
Floral Feast becomes a heartwarming blessing.

The shines of sunrise warm the winds and this lukewarm weather makes people leisurely fascinating. Walking in the trail, you will find yourself surrounded by overflowing aromas; closing your eyes and feel, you will find the pedestrian smell better than flowers. People comes and goes, the steps mark the moment will soon covered by another; the breeze of peoples direction the flow of flowers, to a spring feast that attracts different people. Boldly follow, to the lively pace, having a wanton celebration Spring .

Upon your eyes DK Cuppa Tea arranges a glance with scents and flowers. With the finest selection of Japanese style gourmet and taste, we offer you a bath of floral aroma that shines your body with the elegance of a dancing butterfly.



Walking into the spring feast, the pinky arrangement attracts your eyes. The shine-warmed body allows you to petrol the centre of the feast, a royal garden with proud. The King and the queen are excited and expecting you to visit them. The queen has prepared rose green tea, added with the treasure- scared fluid “Fascination Flower Essence” as the New Year Blessing.

The Queen will offer you a rose green tea, a burst of warm rose sandwiched with the slightest fragrance of green grass will move you, attracting you to taste the tea. Take a sip, let green tea clean your taste buds; Take a breath, let the roses activate your sense of smell.

After leaving the royal garden, the aroma of the sea will come from the other side of the spring feast, the sweetness of the aroma is evolved by the Japanese-style cooked abalone and crab claws. After tasting of crispy abalone and sweet crab meat, an aroma of baked meat will come: the boned-chicken sausage will bring you a unique taste; minced-chicken stick will show you a delicious collaboration of tender and sauce.

The buffet of the aroma showers you all the way along the spring feast, your focus will be suddenly caught by a pair of pink bowl; as you open the lid, a hot-moist aroma of the sea will soon blow to you and warm your mind, body and soul. As you take your bow down, different ingredients immersed in a light brown soup: this is a traditional Kanto cooking that let you feel the vitality of spring.

After the fun and laughers, the royal couple brings you the dessert that celebrating the return of Spring: Japanese Cherry macaron imply the honeys sweet; Cherry blossom icing cookies symbol the Glorifying charisma; Raspberry cheesecake gives your refreshing hit from your mouth to brain;

Finally, red bean seabream dessert cup is loaded full of blessing that wishing you carrying a smiley face seizing every single day in the new year!

Japanese Cherry macaron imply the honeys sweet;

Cherry blossom icing cookies symbol the Glorifying charisma.

This Fascinating Glance tea-set warms you from head to toes, brings you whimsical blessing from the Spring Feast. Priced at HKD 298/person (min 2 person per serving), Japanese style yukata will be served if you purchase the signature aroma oil set*; 2 Complimentary Polaroid will be given if you buy 2 oil set in a single purchase.

Five magic cards will be presented, each card is leading to a unique essential oil. Their functions are written on the cards so pick one (or all) that suits you the most and start your journey!

* Fascination essential set (special $299(original 399)) include: fascination essential oil, necklace and scent stone.

* Fascination fluid set (original 699 special $499) include: Fascination Flower Essence and fascination essential oil, necklace and scent stone.

* For every single set purchased, one set of Japanese style yukata will be reserved or the usage upon the patron (as prorate) .The complimentary Polaroid will be given if the patron purchased 2 set or more. (Limited quantity while stocks last)

Japanese style yukata Rental $200 for 2 hours