“Embrace Pandora” Afternoon Tea Set (Sold out)

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DK Cuppa Tea has prepared five salty snacks for you, which are flamed pandalidae, smoked mackerel pie, mini croissant, salami and fresh raspberries salad with crab sticks. The tour of taste, body and soul departs here.


Looking at the fascinating hydrangea brings you a feeling of hopeful life. The mung bean filling, blueberries and hydrangea cupcake, the other one made with mung bean filling, raspberries and rose cupcake, pub-like chocolate, earl grey macaroon, grapefruit cake, almond butterfly crisp and black pepper cheese butterfly crisp are the metaphor of wonderland on your taste bud. You can feel the hopes and dreams dancing in your senses.

Look like a real pub, but it’s a piece of chocolate

Two kinds of Cupcake, one made with mung bean filling, blueberries and hydrangea and the other one made with mung bean filling, raspberries and rose

Flamed pandalidae, smoked mackerel pie

Fresh raspberries salad with crab sticks

Mini Croissant with salami

Earl grey macaroon served as dessert

Sarcandra glabra, named the ‘bird nest in the sea’ is added to the cupcake to make you prettier.


Capsule Toy
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Flower Fairy Tattoo Stickers
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DTW Flower Essence (Japan)
“Fascination”:Bring you magical beauty power, enhance your charm, make you more beautiful and more attractive.
“Ageless Luster”:It can slow down and delay the speed of aging process, to maintain you a light-hearted mood. Make you feel your positive energy and young always.
“Fascination For Man”: Not only advance for female, but for man too. It make you exude charm of men and self-confidence.

Directions: With a shake of the bottom of the bottle.It is available to drink after making four drops of flower essence into water/drinks.

“DTW Flower Essence”is produced by Canadian doctor patented formula which socking the unique flowers and plants into the natural springs of rocky mountains.
According to the ‘Shock therapy’,“DTW Flower Essence”can calm down and balance the emotion, in order to exude your true charm.