Acceptance: For those suffering in unchangeable circumstances
It’s painful to have troubles with things unchangeable, such as your environment, early background, or appearance. This formula alleviates your internal conflict and/or resistance, helping you to develop the ability to accept the reality as it is and to love yourself at a deeper level. It supports you to live your life joyfully and positively.

Emergency: Bring peace to a frantic mind, or to emergency situations
This formula supports you to feel calm and to exert your full powers when you feel nervous or tackle things that are out of your comfort zone. Great for important presentations, speeches, and exams. Furthermore, it’s widely effective in highly stressful or traumatic situations for both the body and the mind, such as accidents, disasters, injuries, sudden illnesses and panic attacks.

Focus: Are you easily distracted?
This formula helps increasing the ability to focus during both mental and physical activities. It supports you to see the big picture and to bring total attention to your work and study. Also clears your mind and brings thoughts and words together. A powerful ally for test takers!

Children’s Balance: Supports your children to grow full of health in all aspects
Recommended for zero to sixteen-year-olds. This formula supports your youngsters to feel balanced in variety of conditions- whether they are restless, sensitive, having infantile regression or a rebellious phase, irritable, hyperactive, or experiencing mood swings. An adult can use this formula when lacking independence or a solid personal identity.

Fascination for Men: The masculine shining through from within
Here arrives Fascination for male folks! Increasing your hidden masculine, this formula helps you become powerful and active. Blended with herbal extracts historically used for strengthening the masculine, it powerfully supports you to be the man you want to be, both physically and mentally.

Comfortable Sleep: Get some ‘sleepzzz’ with flower energy!
Take this formula when anxiety, worry, stress, or mental arousal keeps you from taking a nice rest and feeling refreshed in the morning. It’s also great for those who wake during the night and can’t fall asleep again or for those who often have vivid, scary, or disturbing dreams. This formula supports your deep, peaceful sleep.

Confidence: For the lack of self-confidence and the feeling of inadequacy
Are you telling yourself you are not enough? Do you see only your flaws and feeling worthless? Maybe you have lost your confidence because of past failures. This formula activates your inner strength and power, helping you to focus on what’s good about you and to live positively full of confidence.

Recovery: Exhausted and having little mental and physical energies?
Busy days packed with “to do” lists—whether your work outside or at home—can indeed deplete your motivation and energy to appreciate what’s around you. Take this formula to activate your energy, to increase your vitality, and to feel brighter. It’s also good for treating exhaustion due to over-thinking as well as for recovering after energy-consuming works or activities.

Warming Heart: Difficulty relating to the loved ones?
This formula is for those who are experiencing sadness and loneliness due to difficulty in relationships with people close to them. It alleviates anxiety and fear, protecting you from hurt when expressing and receiving love. Also, use it when you’re wanting more from your partner than he/she is comfortable of giving, ending up feeling unsatisfied. It warms your heart again like spring sunshine.