Calm & Happiness for Pets

For excitable puppies and kittens, calming and relaxing
For overly-excitable puppies and kittens, often getting into mischief. For naughty pets, which keep biting/scratching sofas and furniture.
Helps calm pets which are always wanting your attention with their playful bites, barks and cryingGood for when your pet gets over-excited just before going out for a walk.

Relevant character
Sensitive, over-excited, hot-tempered

Habits to be improved
Insomnia, anxiety, emotional, anger, aggressive, pride, vandalism, wandering, restless, lack of toilet training

Relevant situation
Pets that are under training, training for self-discipline

Combination Flower essence
Buttercup, Chamomile, Chicory, Yarrow yellow, Life of men, Sunflower

Power Charge for Pets

For older pets, during and after sickness giving vitality, energy and power!
For ageing pets which have lost their vitality and appetite.
Particularly helpful during or after sickness to aid recovery, boosting their energy level.
Also very effective with pets which are struggling with mental stress and low energy after adoption by a new owner or other change in living environment.

Habits to be improved
Fatigue, hypersomnia, prone to illness

Relevant situation
Illness, pain and chronic pain, lack of appetite, poor excretion, terminal illness, ageing

Combination Flower essence
Lady’s Slipper, Echinacea, Alberta Wild Rose, Labrador tea, Nasturtium, Life of men, Sweet grass

Warming Heart for Pets

For pets which easily get lonely and are often crying for their owner’s attention.
Helps pets which are always crying when their owner is away, and easily get lonely without their owner close by.
For a pet which craves your love and attention, helps to create a sense of ease and well-being that their owner’s affection is always there for them.
Particularly recommended for when you leave your pet at a pet hotel or need to be separated for extended periods.

Relevant character
Solitary, demanding

Habits to be improved
Excessive body and feet licking, insist of chasing after people, cannot stand for separation with the owner, disharmony, barking due to separation, abnormalities due to stress

Relevant situation
Cut off breastfeed in an early stage, owner deceased, separation

Combination Flower essence
Cinquefoil, Yarrow pink, Nasturtium, Bleeding Heart, Chicory, Alberta Wild Rose

Environment Support for Pets

Support for pets easily affected by environmental change, electromagnetic field or air pollution.
The modern world with ever-present electromagnetic waves is highly stressful to pets which are sensitive to “vibration”.
Particularly smaller pets are far more sensitive that humans to even small amounts of radiation, air pollution and electromagnetic activity and this spray helps make their living environment more comfortable.
Additionally, when pets have had a frightening experience such as an accident or being attacked by another animal, spraying their living area can help speed up recovery and boost their energy.
Because it is a spray type, it is very effective when your pet is exhausted and is not drinking much water.
This product is also useful in improving the living environment for pets which have suffered abuse, been abandoned, or otherwise have developed a distrust of humans.
Good for pets which are left alone for long periods.

Habits to be improved
Intensive barking at other people or animal, trying to escape from the owner

Relevant situation
Injuries caused by surgery or accident, mind & soul healing during hospitalization, frequent house moving, newly adding new pet members, changing owners, improves concentration and memory during training, performs smoothly during show time

Combination Flower essence
Heart leaf, Echinacea, Yarrow White, Life of men, Red clover, Fireweed, Labrador tea, Dill

How to use

Dropper bottle
Put four drops in the pet’s drinking water bowl or container, when you change the water. The key point is drinking frequency. Flower essence is very powerful, and its effect is all the more evident when taken regularly in small amounts, with its long vibration and concentrated energy gradually permeating the body and well-being of your pet.

Spray type
Please spray 1-3 pushes 3 to 4 times a day around the pet’s living environment and also around your pet itself. Please regulate the quantity according to the size of the pet. Use more frequently when your pet is not in good spirits or is particularly tired.
It is also effective to spray directly into your pet’s mouth.

Preservation method and instructions

  • Avoid high temperature and humidity after purchase, and please keep in a cool and dark place.
  • After first opening the product, please fully use within three months.
  • After usage, please replace the cap immediately.
  • Please keep the dropper absolutely clean, and avoid any contact with the mouth or skin. In case the dropper becomes dirty, please clean in boiling water, not just by wiping with a tissue or cold water. Only re-use the dropper once it is completely clean and dry.
  • While the dropper is being cleaned, please cover the bottle with cling film and keep in a cool and dark place with the outer cap attached.
  • Please do not mix different kinds of flower essence together in the same container, as each product is already carefully blended. When you want to use two or three kinds of flower essence at the same time, please leave an interval of 30 to 60 minutes between taking each product.
  • Due to temperature fluctuations, white glycerin crystals will occasionally develop, but this is not a quality issue.
  • This product is not a registered or unregulated pharmaceutical product. Its effectiveness will vary according to each pet and specific effects are not guaranteed.



Is the spray type also drinkable?

Yes, it is fine to drink the spray type, too.

What kind of preservatives are used in the products?

Similar to all DTW flower essence products, glycerin is used as the product preservative. There are no alcohol or sugar-based preservatives in the products.

If glycerin is used as the preservative, does the product not become sticky?

Although there is an image that glycerin is sweet and sticky especially when drunk, when used as a preservative in appropriate limited quantities, this is not a concern. However, it is true that glycerin has a stickiness when used in large amounts.

Is it possible to apply either drinking or spray type products to the owner’s hand and then stroke directly onto the pet’s body?

Yes, you can also apply the products in this way. However, take care to follow the product quantity guidelines, as large amounts may become sticky. Another good way of applying with your hand is around the pet’s mouth.

Is it OK for humans to drink Flower Essence for Pets?

There is no problem if a human drinks these products.