Radiance without a sign of age

Ageless Luster: A youthful, flexible mind and beauty without a sign of age

The formula appropriately named “Ageless Luster” supports women who wish to keep charming and shining. It’s a sign of an aging mind when curiosity and willingness for action are diminished. This formula helps regardless of age to bring about a flexible attitude when a mind is hardened.

The scared fluid “Ageless Luster” is made from a flower essence formula that increase your radiance and heighted your power of attraction. Spark the bottom of the bottle 4 times and drop 4 drip of the fluid to the tea. Drink the mixture will balance your inner-self to its optimal state; it also enhances your self-confidence by keeping this optimal state, ignite the beauty from the unique you.

Here comes a DTW flower essence formula with the theme of “eternal youth”!
What makes a person look old?
It’s not only about clothes you wear or the firmness of your skin, but also about the way you talk and move, and reflected in all these are your inner feelings.
When your inner self is young and flexible, your age doesn’t show. Inner youth creates physical youth.
Don’t you want to be ageless? Don’t you want to keep a supple heart with Ageless Luster so that you’ll be your radiant self forever?


Blend of nine essences [Ageless Luster]

Mongolian Rhododendron
This plant has been known as the “herb of rejuvenation” in Mongolia. It slows down the aging process and helps you feel positive and young all the time.

For those who are losing confidence as a result of aging. This essence supports you to have strong self-worth and makes the transitional experience of aging smoother for you.

This essence is for those who are concerned or worried about dying, regardless of age. It helps you to take positive outlook on aging and to realize the importance of the present moment, enhancing your ability to see the “truth” at a deep spiritual level.

Pretty Face
Liberates you from too much concern about youth on the appearance and your real age. Helps you to radiate “inner beauty” and to accept aging so that you feel positive in your life.

This powerful mushroom has been prized as a remedy for longevity. It works on an aging mind and guides it to a clam, relaxed state, slowing down the speed of aging.

Helps you to release insistence on physical youth and to realize how the results of aging—such as gracefulness and elegance that accompany maturity—make you shine. Strengthens your understanding that age is part of your uniqueness.

Clears away anxiety and worry around the issue of sexuality and aging, helping you to restore your lost passion for sexuality.

White Willow
Aging tends to stiffen a mind. This essence supports you to regain a flexible yet strong, infrangible mind like a willow tree and to learn how to go with the flow and be receptive.

A mushroom of great rarity famous for its powerful antioxidant effect. With its life force strong enough even to overpower white birch trees, chaga gives you youthful vitality.