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Love fro Japan
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Charity Dance Event for Japan
Love for Japan ~ About the Organizer: Ron Watanabe
Love for Japan  

Noriaki Watanabe

About the Organizer:
Ron Watanabe

A few weeks after the devastation on 11th March, I received an email from one of my friends, who’s hometown in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear plant had been mostly crushed by the Tsunami. In the aftermath of the nuclear crisis, her survived parents had been stuck at home to protect themselves from radiation but the distribution of the daily necessities in the area had nearly stopped. Her desperate cry for help could not change anything and she was just agonized by the feeling of helplessness.

I am not a brave person and I was scared of the radiation as many other people were. But I just could not stand being deaf to her and many other people's cries, and I started to think “I should do what I could do to support the people affected by the devastation”.

While I am a salsa dancer in Tokyo, I come to Hong Kong frequently for my business. That is why I hit upon the idea of organizing the charity dance event in Hong Kong to raise fund to support the victims of the devastation.

Amazingly and touchingly, almost all the people in Hong Kong I had talked to agreed to my idea and expressed their supports. Then thanks to enthusiastic supporters in Hong Kong and Japan, the charity dance event “Love for Japan” has come true in such a short period.

I hereby express my sincere gratitude for people coming to the event and the supporters of the event.

Ron Watanabe

Love for Japan ~

Love for Japan

Looking forward to a great night of dance, shows and fundraising with all of you!

For more Information contact Ron on 852-5330 9359
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Mission of "Love for Japan" organizer: Ron Watanabe
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