DK Aromatherapy Rewards Program (ONLY apply to DK SOHO shop, Citysuper, Logon counter)

Convert your bonus points into fabulous prizes today!

All DK Aromatherapy customers are automatically members of the DK Aromatherapy Membership Rewards Program.

Gift with Purchase

With every purchase of DK products over HK$250 or $380 or $500 or $800 or $1200, you’ll receive a SURPRISE from DK Aromatherapy and earn the bonus points.

Bonus Points

With every spending of $150 for DK Products or $300 for DK workshop or treatment, you are credited with 1 point in your member account, upon accumulation of specified number of point to redeem a cash voucher.


Members can redeem following workshop, treatment and cash voucher at DK Central Shop:

Point Cash voucher for redemption
10 $50 cash voucher
20 $150 cash voucher and/or DK Club Membership
30 $300 cash voucher
40 $550 cash voucher and/or Free Blending DIY workshop
50 $700 cash voucher
60 $1,000 cash voucher and Ear Candle Treatment

DK Club Membership

With one-time earn 13 bonus points, you will be nominated for DK Club member.

DK Club member privileges include:

  • Lavender Bulgarian essential oil of your choice as a welcome gift
  • Special price on purchase selected product of the month (max 5 sets per membership)
  • 5% off for all products

Terms & Conditions

  • This program is available at Central shop, City’Super (Time Square, Harbour City) Log-On (Festival Walk, Langham Place ONLY).
  • Each Card for Specific person ONLY.
  • Valid 12months from the commence date.
  • The cash voucher for the purchase DK Product only.
  • Advanced booking for free treatment or workshop is required.
  • The rewards program will be terminate after the cash voucher redeemed.
  • This program is not exchangeable for cash. This program cannot be used in combined with other promotional offers, VIP card or coupons.
  • DK Aromatherapy reserves the right of final decision and amends these terms from time to time without any notice.