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Reiki is an ancient natural healing art rediscovered by Dr. Usui of Japan in 1922. “Reiki” is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Energy”, the energy that animates all living beings, including human, animal and plants, in the Universe.

Reiki works in all levels, by laying on hands and connect the Reiki energy to flow through; it balances and energizes your body, mind and spirit. It can help to strengthen your immune system; manage unwanted emotions and transform believes, leads you regain the feeling of joy; peace and love.

Reiki is a safe, easy to learn and non-religious energy healing technique; anyone can learn to use it for developing wholeness and harmony in daily life and work.



Reiki has been verified by recent scientific experiments and researches, some medical doctors make use of it in immune system and other healing. Some medical therapist and nurses also use Reiki as an assistant technique to help their patients to improve their mind and immune system. And Reiki studies has already accepted by some nursing and therapeutic associations in US, to obtain the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the nurses and therapists to attain their professional license.

Reiki Can Help You With . . .

flu, headaches, pain control, premenstrual syndrome multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, wound, fracture healing, pre-/post- surgical procedures and disease prevention etc.

Mental and Emotionally
stress reduction, insomnia, fear, depression, grief, impotence, poor memory, lack of confidence, concentration, positive thinking, etc.

harmonize relationship; communicate with inner-self and subconscious, and spiritual enhancement, etc.


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