Introduction to Aromatherapy

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Due to the common misconception towards aromatherapy, this course will clarify all those mystified errors and equip students with practical means of using essential oils. In this course, you will utilize essential oils through gaining knowledge of their properties, their different methods of application, the safety issues, and their benefits in beauty and health care.

(* This is a compulsory workshop from Aromatherapy DIY Workshop Certificate Program. After you have finished this workshop, and with other 3 or 7 Aromatherapy DIY Workshops, DK Aromatherapy will present you a certificate.)

  • Aromatherapy history and principle
  • How to choose pure essential oil
  • Information on storage and safety issues
  • Introduce most common essential oils
  • Essential application and demonstrations

1 – 1. 5 hours (Compulsory Segments)