Half Day CBD retreat : CBD Massage + CBD Afternoon Tea + DIY Perfume Workshop (Min 2pp)

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Half Day CBD retreat : CBD Massage + CBD Afternoon Tea + DIY Perfume Workshop (Min 2pp)

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CBD Retreat

Non-Invasive Checkup for
– 17 organs and stress system (included an instant test report)
– Aromatherapy and breathing test to synchronise our body, mind (with a Harvard medical research support)
– CBD and Aromatherapy Massage
– Herbal Tea
Hong Kong people are busy day and night, and they want to take good care of themselves during the holiday. One of the best ways to relax is massage, but the epidemic may affect your decision. Now, it is time enjoy of an aromatherapy massage and CBD treatment that suits you, take care of your body every day, and instantly relieve the muscle!

The Benefits and functions of  CBD  (Cannabidiol)
1. Change the mood, fall asleep and sleep longer, thereby improving the quality of sleep and achieve a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

  1. Help to face the pressures more positively.
  2. The potent anti-inflammatory effect of CBD can reduce physical fitness, such as repairing or joint inflammation after exercise.
  3. CBD also has a very significant effect on relieving pain, and it has fewer side effects than Analgesics.

    1. DK Aromatherapy Sheung Wan: No.19, New Market Street, Sheung Wan, H.K
    Telephone: 23863588 / Whatsapp: 97889378

    2. KAT LAI WELLNESS X WeCare WELLNESS: ​​2208D, 22/F, Wu Chung Hse, No. 213 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong
    Telephone: 23917308  / Whatsapp: 97889378
    About DK Aromatherapy
    DK Aromatherapy, established by Kat Lai in 1996. In these 25 years, DK Aromatherapy has been committed to provide high-quality and caring aromatherapy service for Hong Kong people. We have been invited to conduct an interview from major TV stations (NOW TV, CABLE TV…), radio broadcasts (RTHK, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, Metro Broadcast Corporation…), newspapers, magazines, etc. And through products, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and cooperation with different parties, etc, with our professional sharing, helps people develop whole health with a happy and balanced mind.

    About WeCare Wellness
    WeCare Wellness provides Advanced Holistic Healing, which refers to the concepts of mainstream medical knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine, natural therapies, nutrition and psychology, and uses non-invasive methods to improve the health of cells and bodies to achieve the effect of curing the disease. We combine the latest scientific research and use high-end natural therapy technology to become a high-quality health care method to help people improve physically, mentally, and emotionally, and achieve better health.

Our high-end natural therapy technology – Bioresonance Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that has been widely used in Germany for more than fifty years. Scientists point out that all cells and pathogenic bodies emit unique electromagnetic waves. Just place the electrode plate on the body, and the physical resonance instrument can recognize and neutralize the frequency of toxins, pathogens, allergens, etc., and strengthen the health frequency of each organ, so that the body can return to itself the ability to repair; scientists have been classifying different frequency signals and forming a huge database. Using these data, bioresonance instruments can find out the frequency of resonance and identify pathogens and toxins that cause symptoms. By eliminating the frequency of pathogens, it can help reduce and relieve the body’s stress.


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