DK Cuppa Tea is solely owned by DK Aromatherapy, a Hong Kong’s Aromatherapy Brand. DK Cuppa Tea is an urban oasis for patrons to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize over a great selection of organic teas and coffees, quick bites and sweet treats. We offer workshops and private parties, as well as corporate events.

Aromatherapy X Healthy Dinning

We Offer: Private Party, Private Dinner, Tailor Made Food Menu, Aromatherapy Workshop, Private/Corporate Class, Private Workshop W/ Healthy Food

「Oasis Rhapsody」Afternoon Tea Set (Sold Out)
“Spoiling Trace” Afternoon Tea Delivery Set Anytime, Anywhere!
Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” High Tea Delivery Set
WISHI PARADISE Afternoon Tea Set
Frosty Garden Afternoon Tea Set
Happy Paradise Afternoon Tea
“Embrace Pandora” Afternoon Tea Set
「iJolly」Afternoon Tea Set (Sold Out)
Elegance Feast (Sold Out)
Ghoulish Halloween Afternoon Tea Set (Sold Out)
Roses’ Tales Afternoon Tea (Sold Out)
Fascinating Glance (Sold Out)